work to start 7/2/18

yeah, the job got pushed back a few days.

so here is a list of all of the many things i have collected for this job:

  1. excellent antique wood medicine cabinet (
  2. hemnes wood vanity (ikea scratch and dent)
  3. mayyke sink (from amazon, got a great price)
  4. toto toilet (also from amazon!)
  5. bath fixtures that match the downstairs fixtures (Delta porter from amazon)
  6. a salvage door that matches ALL OF THE DOORS IN MY HOUSE! (
  7. leftover door plates that match the rest in the house. where these came from, i cannot remember, but i was SO EXCITED to find them
  8. new ‘crystal’ door handles for the bathroom door (home depot)
  9. new ‘crystal’ drawer pulls for the vanity

all of these things are cluttering up my basement as i write this. i cannot wait to get them WHERE THEY BELONG 🙂

A wants to do plywood wood plank floors. i said ok because the pics on saw at looked so unbelievably good. i hope ours turn out as well as those!!

i’d like to get a salvage banister/pole, but i think i need to see how the stairs end up.

the contractor is bring the subway tile for the walls, hexagon tiles for the floor and the shower base. they are getting the windows, also. i feel that i am performing all these huge leaps of faith in my life…giving up so much control!  it’s freaky.

i will have to take pictures of all of my goodies! A has stripped the hemnes vanity, the medicine cabinet and hopefully will do the door soon. wheee!



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